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Patch Notes - Version 19.02

Started by CCP, March 30, 2021, 01:52:44 pm

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Patch Notes - Version 19.02


The following page will list patch notes for all updates within this release (Version 19.02). We invite you to join the player discussion about the content of this release on EVE Online forums:

Initial Release Date: 2021-03-09

Last update: 2021-03-23   


2021-03-09.1 || 2021-03-10.1 || 2021-03-11.1 || 2021-03-12.1 || 2021-03-16.1 || 2021-03-23.1 || 2021-03-30.1 ||


Patch Notes For 2021-03-30.1

Features & Changes


  • The Hunt has begun! This limited time event runs from March 30th until downtime on April 13th

    • Mysterious brightly colored Guristas Capsules are appearing all over New Eden! These capsules can be found at planets, moons, asteroid belts, and stargates. They are detectable through directional scanners and probe scanners.

    • When destroyed, each of these capsules will drop a Hunt YC123 Acceleration Gate Key required to pass to the final section of the Hunt and Huntmaster Outpost sites.

    • The Guristas Hunt Outpost and Guristas Huntmaster Outpost sites have returned. These sites only allow access for T1 and T2 Frigates and Destroyers, and reaching the final room of these sites requires an acceleration gate key obtained from the mysterious capsules.

    • The Guristas Hunt Outpost sites can be found all over New Eden (Highsec, Lowsec, Nullsec, and W-Space).

      • Destroy the advanced fighter in the final area for a chance at valuable loot including implants, skins, clothing, modules, and blueprints for the powerful Gecko drone!

    • The Guristas Huntmaster Outpost sites are appearing in large numbers within Caldari Lowsec space and in lower numbers within the Venal region.

      • These more difficult sites feature much higher drop rates for the valuable Hunt rewards!

    • The new Guristas Secure Storage data site can be scanned down all over New Eden. This special limited time hacking site requires a Hunt YC123 Acceleration Gate Key to gain entry, and hacking the structures within can yield a mix of standard data site loot alongside additional Hunt loot.

    • The new Hunt season found within the Agency challenges players to engage with the Guristas event sites to gain points towards a reward track full of new Hunter's Quiver SKINs!

  • During the Hunt event, capsuleer capsules will have a 50% chance of dropping as loot each of the implants that normally would have been destroyed by the capsule destruction.

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Patch Notes For 2021-03-23.1

Features & Changes


Made several updates to the Jump Clones:
- Enabled multiple jump clones in the same location. Jumping or installing new clones will no longer override the existing ones.
- The "Install Clone" banner in the Jump Clones tab in the Character Sheet is now always visible.
- The "Install Clone" banner now states how many jump clones you have installed in your current location.
- Activating a jump clone no longer close your inventory windows.


  • Fitting a burst jammer now disallows interdiction nullification.

  • Target Breaker Amplification skill name changed to Signature Masking.

    • Increases duration time of Signature Radius Suppressor active mode by 5% per level.

  • Reworked the Target Spectrum Breaker to now grant a small bonus to signature radius passively that can be activated for a short burst of extreme signature reduction.

  • Signature Radius Suppressor I:

    • Passive signature radius reduction: 10%

    • Active signature radius reduction: 70%

    • Active duration: 12 seconds

    • Reactivation Delay: 2.5 minutes

    • Capacitor Need: 660 GJ

    • CPU: 50 tf

    • Powergrid: 1 MW

    • Max Group Fitted: 1

    • Allowed ship groups: Battleship, Marauder, Black Ops Battleship


  • Medium wormholes maximum jump mass increased from 20m to 62m.

  • Large wormholes maximum jump mass increased from 300m to 375m.

  • Extra Large wormholes maximum jump mass increased from 1.35b/1.8b to 2b.

  • Reduced the frequency of wandering connections between high-class wormholes by 50%.

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Patch Notes For 2021-03-16.1

Features & Changes

User Interface:

  • Added a toggle to general settings in-game allowing UI Inventory Badging (Red Dot) to be enabled or disabled.

Defect Fixes


  • Fixed a number of missing locations to the list of landmarks that trigger completion of the "Sightseeing" daily challenge.


  • Fixed an issue with the Cynosural fields generated by the new "Mobile Cynosural Beacon" deployables not being included when viewing active field statistics on the star map.

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Patch Notes For 2021-03-12.1

Features & Changes


  • Added new beacons to make it easer to find the following landmarks in New Eden:

    • Fallen Capsuleers Memorial

    • SOE Project Discovery Phase One Monument

    • Journey of Katia Sae

    • Pashanai Monument

Defect Fixes


  • Fixed an issue with the "Extra Lap" version of the Federation Grand Prix Southern Route that prevented completion of the Mysterious Probe challenge.

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Patch Notes For 2021-03-11.1

Features & Changes


  • Changed the amount of volume music is ducked by when jumping from -96dB to -6dB.


  • The Federation Grand Prix has begun and will be active until 23 March!

    • This event challenges Capsuleers to travel across New Eden to a series of landmark locations, with three courses beginning and ending in Luminaire.

    • The first journey around the three Grand Prix courses has no time limit, and completing the first loop around all three tracks will unlock all the season rewards including new Luminaire Zenith SKINs and new boosters that improve ship velocity and warp speed!

    • Once the first journey around the circuits is complete, optional time trials become available to test your speed.

    • The top ten fastest Capsuleers for each of the three "extra lap" time trials will have their names added to a landmark in Luminaire for permanent bragging rights.

    • WARNING: The Federation Grand Prix routes include many lowsec and some nullsec systems. Competitors are encouraged to only fly ships they feel comfortable potentially losing. Careful warping and skillful evasive flying may be required to complete these routes.

  • Federation Grand Prix daily gifts can be collected by all Capsuleers during this event, including skill points, new Luminaire Zenith SKINs, speed boosters, and a free Expert System that allows all pilots to fly Interceptors for four days.

  • A special 1v1 Interceptors Abyssal Proving Ground with a 100% velocity bonus will begin on Friday, 12 March and run until Tuesday, 16 March.

Defect Fixes

User Interface:

  • Fixed an issue where the Corporate logo would not update after editing in Corporate Details.

  • Fixed an issue that did not allow to double-click or use the context menu on the portrait of Agents level 4 and 5.

  • Fixed an issue with Expert Systems not reflecting the unlocked status of a ship in the Ship Tree.

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Patch Notes For 2021-03-10.1

Defect Fixes


  • Corrected the description text of the "Alliance Open YC122: Templis CALSF" structure within the Alliance Tournament Monument.

  • Fixed an issue preventing fleet warps to mission at distance.

  • Fixed an issue preventing fleet members who are gate cloaked from receiving fleet jump commands.


  • Fixed a broken Show-Info window for R&D agents.

  • Fixed an issue with Filtering Corporation Recruitment by Skill Points.

  • Fixed an issue that caused irregularly high CPU usage for some players.


  • Fixed an issue with the Blueprint for the Mobile Cynosural Beacon not appearing correctly.

  • Fixed an issue with the Mobile Cynosural Beacon missing an explosion VFX.

User Interface:

  • Fixed an issue which caused the station in an autopilot route to not always be selected in the overview.

  • Fixed an issue where the fleet broadcast scope selecting button was missing a tooltip.

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Patch Notes For 2021-03-09.1 - Fleet Formations

Features & Changes

Defect Fixes

Features & Changes


  • Updated the audio for the Tutorial sequence in-game:

    • Added newly composed adaptive music

    • Modified various sound effects

    • Tweaked all audio levels

  • Change default value for music slider in the options from 0.25 to 0.5.


  • Turret Modules are now visible on all hulls and structures from the moment they appear in the scene.

Fleet Formations:

  • Introducing the recently announced Fleet Formations options!

    • To use fleet formations you must train the new fleet formations skills

    • Fleet formation settings can be accessed via a new tab in the fleet window.

    • Fleet warp will use a default point formation which behaves the same as fleet warps have until now.

    • Available formations include Plane, Wall, Sphere, Arrow, and Relative.

    • Fleet formations are respected for Fleet, Wing, and Squad warps.


  • The "Mekhios Graveyard" landmark in the Sarum Prime system has received a major overhaul.

  • Several new landmark locations have been added to the game:

    • A new monument to the famed capsuleer Chribba can be found within the Amarr system.

    • A new memorial to the late Emperor Doriam II can be found within the Kor-Azor Prime system.

    • A new Federation Grand Prix Finish Line location can be found within the Luminaire system, in preparation for the start of the YC123 Federation Grand Prix event on Thursday 11 March.

    • A new monument celebrating the champions of the Alliance Tournaments can be found within the Manarq system.

    • A new monument honouring the capsuleers who participated in Project Discovery Phase Two can be found within the Pakhshi system.


Developer Comment:
  These sites are the first set in an ongoing project to renovate and add landmarks across New Eden reflecting both player history and the NPC lore. Huge thanks to all the players who responded to our prompt for landmark ideas on the forums!

Modules & Rigs:

  • Renamed the "Standup L-Set EW Expert System I and II" Large Structure Combat Rig to "Standup L-Set EW Command System I and II".

  • Added a new Mobile Cynosural Beacon:

    • Disallowed in: Wormhole, Pochven, Abyssal Space

    • Restricted to Security systems below: 0.5

    • Activation Delay: 2 minutes

    • Maximum lifetime: 1 hour

    • Volume: 400

    • Skill Requirement: Anchoring 3

    • Blueprints can be found in NPC stations where other mobile deployables are seeded.


Developer Comment:
  This deployable item will bind to the fleet of the deploying character upon launch. Once activation completes, it will act as a regular cyno beacon for that fleet for the lifetime of the deployable, regardless of any fleet changes of the deploying character.

Missions & NPCs:

  • Reintroduced reinforcement fleets to Triglavian Werposts and EDENCOM GunStars.


  • Added new skills that are required to use the new Fleet Formations options:

    • Fleet Formations

    • Fleet Coordination

Expert Systems:


Expert Systems, the restricted artificial intelligence providing Pilots with access to certain skills during the active rental period, are now available to all Capsuleers!

  • A new tab for Expert Systems can be found on the Character Tab inside the Character Sheet.

    • Players can browse available Expert Systems and manage their active ones from inside this tab.

  • When acquired, Expert Systems will be activated upon redeeming to a character.

  • Active Expert Systems persist through pod deaths and clone jumps.

  • Players can extend the rental period of an Expert System by 30 days.

  • Expert System recommendations for ships can be found in the following locations:

    • Ship Tree

    • Show Info for Ships they are designed to unlock

    • In the Requirements tab in Ship Show Info

    • Inside the Market for ships

    • Ship Tooltips


Developer Comment:
  Expert Systems are a new player aid that focuses on lower-level activities. In their current form, they can be obtained from the EVE Online Store only but some Expert Systems will be occasionally offered for free via Daily Login Rewards to players.


  • Removed the old bulk data delivery system from the game. It's gone.

User Interface:

  • Added a timestamp in the Selected Item window that shows how long a structure is reinforced for.

  • Added shortcuts to fleet broadcast icons.

  • Added tooltips to the tabs in the Overview that show what presets are being used.

  • Added Omega frame icon and tooltip to agents level 4 and 5.

  • Added an option to disable the Emergency Warp.

  • Added functionality that, when failing to warp, the ship will now stay aligned and at full speed.

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Defect Fixes


  • Fixed an issue which caused Salvage Drones II to not receive salvage chance bonus from the salvage drone specialization skill.


  • Fixed outdated icons for the Saikadori facial augmentation.

  • Fixed an issue where the planet view does not persist after jumping through wormholes.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the view outside Pochven citadel sky to be the same as K-Space sky.

  • Jump effects on departing ships will now remain on the departing ship's bracket.

  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect VFX appeared on Enforcer.


  • Fixed an issue where the space mouse traversal is scaled with how far you are from the ship.

  • Fixed issues that unintentionally allowed launching of deployables or the activation of Cynosural Field Generator modules inside of stars, planets and moons.

User Interface:

  • Fixed an issue that caused information for the Leshak Blackfire Steel SKIN to display incorrectly.

  • Fixed an issue where Access List name text can clip outside of bound of "Connect to Folder" popup window.

  • Fixed an issue where right-clicking on the EVE Mail recipient list would show a Clear History option.

  • Fixed an issue where copying a filtered word into the text box will unfilter the word.

  • Fixed an issue where the fitting window can stay open when logging off a character.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Fleet MOTD to not load when forming fleet from the saved setup for a fleet commander.

  • Fixed an issue when creating a decoration, the fourth row of Medals did not appear properly after selecting decoration elements.

  • Fixed an issue in the fitting window where a grey line overlapped over the top bar of the ammo slots.

  • Fixed an issue that occurred when attempting to save a new location with the New Location window already open will not refresh said window.

  • Fixed an issue where killmail fields were not properly cleared upon opening a new report.

  • Fixed an issue where long titles in the Edit Member window can overlap the edge of the window.

  • Fixed an issue that would throw an exception when entering a number into the shares field.

  • Fixed text overlap in Personal assets under Safety when the font is set to Large.

  • Fixed an issue in which the map would not show all incursions in systems.

  • Fixed an issue that reset the corporation filter in the Agent Finder when having a session change.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the map to be upside down when opening the map.

  • Fixed an issue that caused an overlap in the filter drop-drown of the directional scanner with UI scaling set to 90% or 100%.

  • Fixed an issue with UI scaling that caused incorrect mouse scrolling.

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused search results to be blank when searching for Solar Systems, etc.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Notifications button to be partially locked after being revealed in the Tutorial.

  • Fixed an issue with the wallet for entering a number into the Shares field after giving out an amount of shares once will throw an exception.

  • Fixed an issue where the fleet broadcast scope selecting button was missing a tooltip.

  • Fixed issues with the incorrect value showing for Siege Module I damage bonus.

  • Fixed incorrect attribute description on the Bastion Module.

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Source: Patch Notes - Version 19.02

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