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Author Topic: Patch notes for August 2017 release  (Read 873 times)

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Patch notes for August 2017 release
« on: August 16, 2017, 06:12:32 am »
Patch notes for August 2017 release
15 August 2017, 10:57 am


Patch notes for August 2017 release

Released on Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

Features & Changes  Balancing:
  • Balance changes have been made to certain structure weapon systems:
    • Structure Guided Bombs
      • Reduce the rate of fire of the Structure Guided Bomb Launcher from 20 seconds to 40 seconds
      • Reduce the area of effect of Guided Void Bombs from 40km to 20km
      • Reduce the area of effect of AS and AM Guided Bombs from 40km to 30km
      • Reduce the neut amount per second of the Guided Void Bomb by 25% (6000GJ every 40 seconds as opposed to the previous 4000Gj every 20s)
      • Increase the DPS of the AS and AM Guided Bombs by 25%
      • Reduce the velocity of the Guided Void Bomb by 20% (increasing flight time to keep the range the same)
    • Structure Anti-Subcap Missiles
      • Increase the damage of the ASML-SD missile by 33%
      • Increase the damage of the ASML-MD and ASML-LD missiles by 20%
 Graphics:  Missions & NPCs:
  • Added the Lucky Clash event (starts 15 August) and the Alpha 3 event (starts 29 August).
  • Heat Damage for XL Torpedo and Cruise launchers have had their values re-balanced (lowered significantly).
 Structures & Deployables:
  • When deploying an Upwell Structure, the lights that indicate the undocking lanes will now be shown in the blue/red hologram, to make orienting the structure easier.
  • Corporate insurance is now available in Upwell Structures, and can be done through the normal method (Placing a ship in a corp hangar and using the right click options.)
  • Anyone who has the ability to take control of a structure can now add fuel to the structure's fuel bay (Note: They still cannot remove fuel without the appropriate corporate role).
  • As part of the gradual replacement of legacy starbase structures with new Upwell structures, effectiveness bonuses have been removed from Starbase Reprocessing Arrays, Starbase Assembly Arrays and Starbase Labs. These structures will continue to operate for the near future, but will not provide bonuses to reprocessing yield, industry material cost, industry isk costs, or industry job speed. Any jobs already in progress in these structures will complete with the bonuses that were in place when the job started.
    • The structures affected by this change are:
      • Reprocessing Array
      • Intensive Reprocessing Array
      • Research Laboratory
      • Design Laboratory
      • Hyasyoda Research Laboratory
      • Equipment Assembly Array
      • Rapid Equipment Assembly Array
      • Small Ship Assembly Array
      • Advanced Small Ship Assembly Array
      • Medium Ship Assembly Array
      • Advanced Medium Ship Assembly Array
      • Capital Ship Assembly Array
      • Advanced Large Ship Assembly Array
      • Ammunition Assembly Array
      • Drone Assembly Array
      • Component Assembly Array
      • Large Ship Assembly Array
      • Thukker Component Assembly Array
  • Using the "Save Location" option on an entry in the Probe Scanner window will now add the Signature ID to the front of the bookmark name.
  • Cosmic Signature scanning progress will now be saved until the client is restarted. A session change should no longer clear scanned signatures of any percent. Combat targets like ships and citadels will not be persisted.
 Beta Map:
  • Jump drive capable ships now show possible jump range in both abstract and normal layout in the beta map. Previously this was not shown in abstract mode.
  • Reduce the number of solar system labels by only showing those in the selected constellation.
  • Reduce number of constellations by only showing those in the selected region.
  • Always show the selected solar system if any regardless of zoom level.
  • Only expand solar system map once zoomed in beyond a certain threshold.
  • Refined line colors to make selected constellations/regions stick out better. Region and constellation jump lines should now also be clearer.
  • Hovering region/constellation labels now gives a simple highlight effect
  • "Abstract mode" now only flattens to 25% of actual depth and comes with a camera that pans along the map plane.
  • Fixed clicking search entries.
  • Clicking landmarks labels now opens show info.
  • Removed "Color predicted jump route on click" functionality as it felt very confusing.
  • Fixed issue where orbiting the camera could accidentally click a solar system.
  • Average security of systems is now shown on constellation bracket. It goes away when the solar system is selected.
  • When in grouped mode, clicking a constellation or region is now much more snappy.
  • Hovering a solar system will now show how many jumps away it is.
  • Now using fitting screen nebula with scanning window background effect (hatched lines tinted with UI theme color).
  • Fixed issues with map when in a wormhole system.
  • Bumped up opacity of constellation markers a bit.
  • Introduced a breadcrumb style label that shows the selected region/constellation/system and the corresponding faction (if any). Clicking a location will zoom and pan to it.
  • Solar systems in autopilot route are now always shown if zoomed in close enough. Same goes for active system.
  • Map camera is now pitch constrained so it cannot go below the map plane.
  • Clicking a region or a constellation will now zoom in if we're zoomed out further than twice the look at distance for either of them.
  • Hovering a region or constellation will now highlight its lines.
  • Region labels are now brighter when zoomed out.
  • Ctrl+clicking a solar system will now set it as destination, Ctrl+shift+click will add waypoint.
  • Implemented a very basic compass that points north clicking it will reset the yaw, so north is up. Space North...! This is still being worked on.
  • Double clicking the scene will now take you to your current location.
  • Bookmarks are now shown correctly on the map, both bookmarked systems and entities within them.
  • Made constellation markers a bit brighter when a region is selected.
  • Fixed issue with dragging systems out as links.
  • Work has been done to improve the overall performance of the beta map when zooming, panning and rotating.
 User Interface:
  • The solar system map should now display the solar system in a reasonable size when opening for the first time.
  • We have introduced a new Standings UI. The following UI elements have been replaced with the new standings UI:
    • Standings section of the Character Sheet
    • Standings section of the Corporation window
    • Standings tabs in Show Info windows
    • Agents tab of Corporation Show Info windows
  • Added a confirmation pop up window for closing the mail compose window to avoid losing a lot of text accidentally.
  • It is now possible to suppress the confirmation pop up windows for offlining weapons, offlining modules, which are part of a group, and unfitting modules, which are part of a group.
  • The “Unplug Implant” confirmation window now includes the name of the implant you are unplugging.
 Defect Fixes  Gameplay:
  • Fixed an issue where reconnecting to probes would not use the formation that was being used when the disconnect happened
  • Changed the Gas Site exploration career mission so that the mission gate now consumes the passkey.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented transferring outposts to other corporations within the same alliance.
  • Adjusted the damage locations on the Naglfar hull.
  • Adjusted the angle of the boosters on one of the Tengu subsystems.
  • Adjusted the brightness of Ice planets when post processing is set to low.
  • Fixed the warp animations for the Venerable.<
  • Corrected an incorrect glow location on the Rupture hull.
  • Corrected an issue that visually affected ships in the fitting simulation window when using medium shader settings.
  • Adjusted the locations of the damage decals on the Astrahus wreck.
  • Adjusted dirt map on the Enforcer.
  • Corrected an issue that would hide kill marks when ship skins are changed.
  • Corrected an issue with decals on the Rook during warp.
  • Renabled use of the ship preview pane from the Fitting Management window.
  • Modified display of city lights on PI planets.
  • Made the appearance of turrets persistent on T3 Strategic Cruisers switching subsystems in space.
  • Improved the display of labels on the map when panning and zooming.
  • Corrected a GPU crash caused by the Amarr Outpost.
 Localization:  Russian client (see this announcement for more information):

  • Tacklers role name has been shortened
  • Tackling modules role name has been shortened
  • Issues with formatting and outdated translations in scanning UI were fixed
  • Market categories for components, implants and charges were shortened
  • Ship class names were shortened for logistic frigates, strategic cruisers, logistic cruisers and electronic attack frigates
  • Market categories for shield and armor were reviewed
  • Skill names for shield and armor resistance skills were reviewed
  • "Science" category and skill name has been reviewed
  • Various fixes for outdated translations, typos and mistranslated terminology
  • The market group for Amarr Corvette ship skins now uses the correct icon.
  • Players will now be disqualified from being rewarded for participation in Incursion sites if they have not dealt any damage or assisted other players through logistics.
  • Combat Anomalies should now expire and redistribute correctly when they have been completed by using smartbombs.
 Science & Industry:
  • ME and TE jobs can now complete correctly even if their output location is removed/repackaged during the jobs duration.
 Structures & Deployables:
  • Fixed an issue where the "View Contents" option was unavailable for ships and containers in remote Upwell Structures.
  • Changes have been made to make New Eden a better place.
 User Interface:
  • Directional Scan panel no longer clears results when docked position changes
  • Fixed an issue where launching probes from the ship HUD instead of the probe scanner window would launch them in spread formation instead of pinpoint.
  • Fixed an issue where the 6 key was not working in the probe scanner filters
  • Fixed an issue where the Directional Scanner range could not be changed from 0 using the mouse wheel
  • Fixed an issue where the rounding on kinetic damage was not showing correctly for Officer and Deadspace modules in the Show Info window.
  • Fixed an issue where zooming in on the beta map could cause the beta map to display totally white
  • Fixed an issue where some tooltips in the probe scanner window were set as interactive when they had no interactive objects in them.
  • Fixed an issue where holding control and moving probes in the solar system map would cause the central arrows to rapidly change orientation
  • Fixed an issue where if you were in a Citadel and used the "Focus Current Location" option in the Beta Map it would show you as being in the sun
  • Fixed an issue where the Zoom In and Zoom Out shortcuts would not function in the Beta Map
  • Fixed an issue in the Beta Map where the 'You are here' marker would not always show the accurate location of the player
  • Fixed an issue where the beta map search could break when using specific characters
  • Fixed an issue where the Route section of the HUD could break if an invalid destination could be set
  • Fixed an issue where in windowed mode the probe scanner window could get some modifier keys sent to it when the probe scanner was not in focus.
  • Fixed an issue where the performance of combat scanning would decrease drastically with hundreds of combat signatures visible
  • Demoting yourself from Squad Commander to Squad Member no longer provides an inaccurate error message about being unable to return to the previous position.
  • The market group for Amarr Corvette ship skins now uses the correct icon.
  • The tooltip for manufacturing facilities now correctly shows bonuses provided by standup rigs when they apply to entire categories of item (such as ships)
  • The misleading "Maximum Targeting Range Bonus" entry in the show info window of the Imperial Navy Command Mindlink has been removed.
  • Simulation: Online restrictions for command burst modules are now correctly enforced.
  • Simulation: Command Burst modules now correctly show their effects when simulation is opened or when charges are switched.
  • The missing message when attempting to rent an office at an outpost when your standing with the owner is too low has been added.
  • Fixed an issue where Structures on Killmails wouldn't correctly show their type if they were using missiles
  • Resolved a typo in the ISK reward tooltip in Project Discovery
  • Asset searching using locations as keywords will now work correctly and return search results.
  • The 'TE-2100 Ample XL Torpedo Launcher' can now be found when searching in the market.

Source: - Patch Notes


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