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Patch Notes - Version 19.10

Started by CCP, November 16, 2021, 01:41:23 pm

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Patch Notes - Version 19.10


The following page will list patch notes for all updates within this release (Version 19.10). We invite you to join the player discussion about the content of this release on EVE Online forums:

Initial Release Date: 2021-11-09

Last update: 2021-11-16   

🤝 - Indicates a change inspired by player's feedback or suggestions.

| RELEASES:    2021-11-09.1  |   2021-11-10.1  |   2021-11-11.1  |   2021-11-16.1

| ---------- | ---------- |


Patch Notes For 2021-11-16.1

Features & Changes


  • Two new exploration sites are available across New Eden. These new challenging sites will reward capsuleers with capital and supercapital construction components upon successful completion.

    • AEGIS Secure Transfer Facilities may be found across both low-security space, and wormholes. Finding yourself in one of these sites, will allow you to locate/escalate yourself to the AEGIS Secure Capital Construction Forges.

    • AEGIS Secure Capital Construction Forges are highly defended sites found only by previously completing an AEGIS Secure Transfer Facility. Should a successful assault on these sites be pulled off, you may take your plunder of several supercapital construction components from the forges themselves.


  • Added character animations and lip-sync to the AIR New Player Experience.


  • Updated the Alliance Tournament Monument in the Manarq system with a new structure honoring HYDRA RELOADED's victory in ATXVII.


  • Moved the AEGIS Databases into the Trade Goods group in the Market.

Defect Fixes


  • The new exploration sites can now be found via scanning (Cosmic Signatures) as originally intended.

    • This includes AEGIS Capital Ship Security Facilities, Overmind Nursery Groves, and AEGIS Secure Transfer Facilities.

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Patch Notes For 2021-11-11.1

Defect Fixes


  • Updated the names of the recently expired AIR probing boosters and removed them from the market.


  • Fixed a client startup crash on Windows 11 with enabled Auto-HDR (on a monitor, which supports HDR).

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Patch Notes For 2021-11-10.1

Defect Fixes


  • NPCs inside Abyssal Deadspace that are intended to be spawned as damaged, are now correctly spawning with their shields at the intended capacity values.

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Patch Notes For 2021-11-09.1 - NEW DAWN

Features & Changes

Defect Fixes

Features & Changes


  • Updated ship engine audio making the sounds of all engines more contextually dynamic and linked to velocity.


  • Modified the rendering priority to ensure that structures and celestials are visible in the space scene as soon as possible after undocking or other session changes.


  • Two new exploration sites, with two more coming soon, are available across New Eden. These new challenging sites will reward capsuleers with capital and supercapital construction components upon successful completion.

  • Up for the taking, are the following items (plus additional loot): Electro-Neural Signaller, Counter-Subversion Sensor Array, Nanoscale Filter Plate, Nano Regulation Gate, Meta-Molecular Combiner, and Enhanced Electro-Neural Signaller.

    • AEGIS Capital Ship Security Facilities are scattered throughout low security space, and feature a heavily-guarded security vault. Those who can manage to find their way through to ransack the vault will be rewarded with capital construction components.

    • Overmind Nursery Groves can be found throughout Pochven, and are tended to by Rogue Drones. Scan, salvage, and cloak your ships for this encounter to come away with some supercapital components.


  • 🤝 Removed the Encounter Surveillance System PVP (Capsuleer Combat) timer, and  replaced it with the Weapons Timer instead.


Developer Comment:

  Last week we added the Capsuleer Log-Off Timer to pilots who linked to either the Main or Reserve Bank in the ESS. We saw examples of attackers avoiding conflict while inside the ESS by simply logging off, or using it as a means to expedite their escape from the ESS combat bubble.



After some great discussions with the CSM and the community, we've iterated on that mechanic such that linking to an ESS now gives a 60-second weapon-timer and does not refresh the Capsuleer Log-Off Timer.


  • Added support for dragging and dropping ship fittings into skill plan content when creating a plan.

    • On that action the skills required for all the items included in the fitting, as well as skill prerequisites, are added to the plan. 


  • Increased the quantity of Rogue Drone Infestation Data NPC buy orders available.

User Interface:

  • 🤝 Made several changes to the corporation recruitment feature in-game:

    • Corporations can now select only one main category: PVE, PVP, Trade & Industry, and a maximum of four activities when posting an ad.

    • Added a new New Pilot Focused checkbox for corporations that specifically focus on helping new Capsuleers get into EVE, as opposed to New Pilot Friendly corps that welcome rookies in their ranks.

    • Corporations can only select New Pilot Focused if New Pilot Friendly checkbox is selected in the ad.

    • Corporations can select a maximum of two Areas of Operations.

    • Decreased the Primary Time Zone range to a maximum of eight-hour period and removed the Secondary Time Zone option.

    • Any current ads will need to be updated next time after they expire.

  • 🤝 Added the option to sort and filter the content in the redeeming queue.

    • It will also no longer select all items by default upon opening it.

  • 🤝 Added more help pointers.

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Defect Fixes


  • Fixed an issue with fading out of some sounds that caused the sound to get stuck in rare cases.


  • Fixed an issue that caused billboards and other graphical elements to sometimes disappear when modifying texture and shader settings.

Mac Defects:

  • Fixed graphical problems on old Nvidia cards with macOS 10.14 by disabling rendering for turrets and similar instances. There are a few remaining problems with medium shader quality, which can be avoided on low shader quality. Recommended workaround for remaining issues: Upgrade to at least macOS 10.15

  • Improved the sorting of lists (for example of market groups) on localized Mac clients, especially for Korean, Japanese, and Russian

  • Fixed a problem where it was necessary to click two times into the client for the mouse click to be registered, if the EVE client was not the focused Mac application.

  • Fixed a problem on the native Mac client, where lists with very many different characters failed to load, for example in the (market) transaction tab or massive kill reports.


  • Fixed a number of minor localization issues in French, Japanese, German, Korean and Russian.


  • Fixed a rare client crash.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the windowed client on Windows to sometimes start at a wrong position and screen.

User Interface:

  • Portraits now correctly appear in the info panel when hacking the Encounter Surveillance System.

  • Adjusted Stasis Webifier Icon in Minmatar Ship Tree to stop it from going outside of the text box.

  • Fixed an issue with the Corporation Welcome Mail text field ignoring character limit.

  • Fixed an issue with Corporations where the recruitment search bar character limit is less than the maximum for corporation names.

  • Fixed an issue with Corporation Adverts that caused the text to truncate if you insert an in-game link.

  • Fixed an issue with Afterburners and Microwarpdrives not showing stats in the fitting simulation window.

  • Removed a double space in the 'Update Fitting?' pop-up window.

  • Fixed an issue where Upwell FLEX structures service module does not autopopulate when in simulation.

  • Fixed an issue where the Turret & Launchers fitting options are displayed for Noctis despite not having Turret Hardpoints.

  • Removed the unnecessary search box from the Moon Mining automated event window.

  • Fixed an issue where by pressing shift+ Simulate fitting button would bring up a quantity box.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the ammunition to load in random order to the Weapon Modules when dragging it into the Fitting Window.

  • Fixed an issue where adding a Ballistic Control System incorrectly applies a bonus to bombs in fitting window.

  • Fixed an issue in the Fitting window where drones are not considered when using the Hull restrictions filter.

  • Fixed an issue where the target lock icon overlaps with the ore name in the Group Window opened from Survey Scan Results window.

  • Fixed an issue with Simulated Fighters that are loaded into fighter tubes are not saved when saving the fit.

  • Fixed an issue where Factional Warfare Empire Corporations can be selected for Bounty causing UI issues and throwing and unhandled exception.

  • Fixed an issue that caused a short client freeze when switching to simulation when many drones are in the drone bay.

  • Fixed an issue where users were able to add too many fighters in carrier simulation.

  • Fixed an issue when simulating Abyssal Modules results in module(s) not showing correctly.

  • Fixed an issue with the Mission Info Panel where the "Warp to Location" button is sometimes missing.

  • Fixed an issue where 'Unavailable Storyline Agents' within The Agency tooltip is inconsistent with other tooltips.

  • Fixed an issue  where 'Unavailable Escalations' within The Agency tooltip is inconsistent with other tooltips.

  • Updated the images on several of the navigation cards in the Agency as they had images not related to the activity they represented.

  • Fixed an issue where The Agency gives users incorrect directions if Epic Arc mission is declined remotely.

  • Added a missing Neocom icon for Mission Journal windows.

  • Addressed issue causing some text overflow in the HyperNet window

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Source: Patch Notes - Version 19.10

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