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Patch Notes - Version 19.06

Started by CCP, July 27, 2021, 11:01:11 pm

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Patch Notes - Version 19.06


The following page will list patch notes for all updates within this release (Version 19.06). We invite you to join the player discussion about the content of this release on EVE Online forums:

Initial Release Date: 2021-07-13

Last update: 2021-07-27   

🤝 - Indicates a change inspired by player's feedback or suggestions.

| RELEASES:    2021-07-13.1  |   2021-07-27.1

| ---------- | ---------- |

Patch Notes Header EN 1440x256

Patch Notes For 2021-07-27.1

Features & Changes


  • The Encounter Surveillance System has received a new visual update.

    • The in-space model has been updated.

    • Perimeter lighting now reflects the range players need to be within to access the banks.

    • The new model will now animate when the banks are accessed by Capsuleers.

  • Visual Effects will now play when accessing the ESS.

    • Effects will play for accessing the Main or Reserve Banks

    • The effects will reflect the time of payout when a capsuleer receives the encrypted bonds from the ESS.

  • A new warp disruption bubble is now present for the ESS. This effect is more subtle than the previous iteration and will change visible prominence depending on the camera zoom level.

    • When zoomed in, this will increase the subtlety of the effect.

    • Zoom out to see more clearly the borders of the bubble.


  • Secure Commerce Commission (SCC) Secure Key Storage Sites (SKS sites) are now distributed throughout low-security space. These well-hidden and hard to access sites are fiercely protected by the SCC against any unwanted trespass. Rumor has it from the Guristas Pirates is that behind every SKS site lies an ESS Reserve Security Key, whether you want to believe the rumor them or not is up to you.

  • Roaming NPCs throughout Pochven are changing which points of interest to explore. Triglavian fleets will focus their attention on Stations and Conduit Loop stargates, while EDENCOM NPCs will turn their eyes to sites and celestial locations (such as planets). Drifters and Rogue Drones will be more common around wormholes. Conflict zones will be around Planets, Suns, and the Dazh Liminality Locus. To know exactly where else these NPCs will roam to we will leave for you to discover.


  • New Eden received a sales tax reduction of 50% in all regions.

  • Brokers' fees are also reduced by 50%, so the Advanced Broker Relations skill will now provide a 6% relist fee reduction per level instead of 5% (max reduction at level 5 will now be 80%).

Missions & NPC:

  • The restrictions on rewards granted through sites in Pochven (such as Observatory Flashpoints) have been changed. Rewards will now be paid out similar to how Incursions work, in that only a single fleet which has done the most damage and healing inside the site will receive the payout. Only those fleet members present in the site at the time the reward is granted will receive rewards if they are eligible (Eligibiliy is: Not cloaked, Not inside a rookie ship/Shuttle/Capsule/Zephyr).

Game Systems:

  • Encounter Surveillance System (ESS) has received an update to its gameplay: Reserve Banks.

    • The Reserve Banks are now able to be intruded upon with the use of an ESS Reserve Security key.

    • Reserve Banks once opened, will begin to pay out every minute to any Capsuleer who is linked.

    • Every Capsuleer who is linked at the time of the payout will receive a share of the money in encrypted bonds (to be redeemed on the market from NPC Sell Orders).

  • Capsuleers can only maintain an intrusion link to one bank at a time (Main or Reserve).

  • ESS Reserve Security Keys are now available.

    • These keys allow the keyholder to trigger a release of encrypted bonds from the ESS Reserve Banks. The keys are assigned to quadrants of New Eden's regions and are available in two variations which unlock the reserve bank for either 15 or 45 minutes.

Structures & Deployables:

  • The Defunct Encounter Surveillance System deployable has now a decay component of 14 days, removing the last of the old ESS deployables from space.

User Interface:

  • Added a brand new in-space User Interface with the Encounter Surveillance System.

    • This new in-space UI is a major milestone which unlocks exciting potential for EVE Online.

    • The UI will react to camera angles and zoom levels.

    • Elements of the UI are anchored to the physical locations of the Main and Reserve bank.

    • This will show intrusions into the Main and Reserve Bank with timers.

    • Out of range markers will also show when your ship can not access the ESS.

  • Updated the ESS Info-Panel with more information.

    • Both Main and Reserve bank information is now present.

    • Intrusions into either bank are updated immediately.

    • The section title for Main Bank and Reserve Bank can be clicked to open up the transaction log for intrusions.

    • When a security intrusion starts, a Warp To button will appear for players to warp to the site if they are not already there.

    • The Reserve Bank section will show more information on mouse-over.

    • A collapsed version of the info-panel is also available which reduces the size of the panels elements.

  • Removed the ESS Window.

Defect Fixes


  • Removed mention of skill loss from Strategic Cruiser traits tab.

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Patch Notes For 2021-07-13.1

Features & Changes

Defect Fixes

Features & Changes


  • The Bring Out EVE's Colors update is live and introduces a range of huge visual improvements, ensuring that New Eden continues to set a standard as a visually stunning universe. The update includes:

    • PBR shader adjustments, including changes to roughness calculation and visibility factor.

    • Modified lighting with brightened reflection map generation and asset backlighting.

    • Postprocess color improvements - tonemapping adjustments to brighten colors, extend the color range, smooth out gradients, and emphasize highlights

    • Numerous tweaks to assets, environments, and effects to maintain their appearance with the new tech.

  • Characters in windows are now rendered with 4x supersampling when Antialiasing is set to "High." (DX11 only)

  • Characters in windows now require substantially less video memory to render. (DX11 only)


  • 🤝 Introduced a new booster: Strong Veilguard Booster.

    • When consumed, this booster will increase the duration of the stabilized cloak effect when activating cloaking devices.

    • Booster is manufactured from a new blueprint.

    • Booster Duration: 30 Minutes

    • Stabilized Cloak Duration Bonus: 200%


  • Adjusted Bastion Module:

    • Target painter resistance has been reduced from -95% to -50%.

    • Sensor dampener resistance has been reduced from -95% to -50%.

    • Weapon disruption resistance has been reduced from -99% to -50%.

    • Bonus to sensor strength has been reduced from 1,000% to 100%.

    • Removed the ECM Immunity.

Science & Industry:

  • Added new Covert Mobile Cynosural Beacon Blueprint that can be found across Pirate NPC stations across null security space.

  • Cost: 100,000,000 ISK

  • Time per run: 3 hours, 20 minutes

  • Input Materials:

    • Tritanium: 8,200

    • Pyerite: 5,111

    • Isogen: 22,040

    • Zydrine: 6,320

    • Megacyte: 8,230

    • Broadcast Node: 6

    • Organic Mortar Applicators: 2

    • Self-Harmonizing Power Core: 3

    • Sterile Conduits: 4

    • Wetware Mainframe: 4

    • Guidance Systems: 12

  • Added new Strong Veilguard Booster Blueprint which copies can be found in the LP Stores of members of the Servant Sisters of EVE.

  • Cost: 10,000,000 ISK, 10,000 LP

  • Runs: 5

  • Time per run: 20 minutes

  • Input Materials:

    • Pure Strong Crash Booster: 12

    • Pure Strong Mindflood Booster: 15

    • C3-FTM Acid: 6

    • Megacyte: 8

Ship Balance:

  • 🤝 Role bonus for fleet interceptors (Ares, Crow, Malediction, Stiletto) has been changed to include a reduction in scan resolution penalty while using Interdiction Nullifiers, the role bonus is now:

    • 80% reduction in Interdiction Nullifier reactivation delay, max lock range penalty, and scan resolution penalty.

  • 🤝 Tech III Cruiser ship destruction will no longer cause a skill level loss in a random subsystem skill.

- Powergrid has been increased from 50 to 60 MW
- CPU has been increased from 200 to 240 tf
- Maximum Velocity has been increased from 300 to 340 m/sec
- Maximum High Slots have been increased from 4 to 5
- Launcher & Turret Hardpoints have been increased from 3 to 4

- Powergrid has been increased from 1100 to 1150 MW
- Maximum Velocity has been increased from 170 to 190 m/sec
- Maximum High Slots have been increased from 6 to 7
- Launcher & Turret Hardpoints have been increased from 4 to 5
- Added:
  - Drone Capacity: 25 m3
  - Drone Bandwidth:  25 Mbit/s

Structures & Deployables:

  • Added new Covert Mobile Cynosural Beacon.

    • This new deployable brings Covert Cynosural Fields to mobile deployables. The beacon is not globally visible in the overview and can be anchored in systems that are cynosural jammed.

  • Shield / Armor / Structure HP: 5,000 / 5,000 / 10,000

  • Minimum distances from other Mobile Cynosural Beacons: 10 km

  • Minimum distance from Control Towers: 50 km

  • Restricted to Security systems below: 0.5

  • There are no ship-type restrictions on deploying this item into space but, as with the Covert Cynosural Field Generator I module, only Black Ops jump drives can lock on to the generated beacon.

  • Activation Delay: 1 minute

  • Maximum lifetime: 30 minutes

  • Volume: 210 m3

  • Skill Requirements: Anchoring 5, Cynosural Field Theory 5

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Defect Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where the Children of Light VFX would not loop while within range of the landmark and would not disappear after leaving the range of the landmark.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Ogre drone and it's variants to be displayed incorrectly.

  • Adjusted the location of the Oracle Imperial Jubilee SKIN's decal to be consistent with other decals for the ship.

  • The visual effects of the GalNet StreamCast Unit SKINs have been adjusted.

  • Adjusted pattern in "Bloody Hands" SKIN to fix pixelation.

  • Entering and exiting character customization while Aura is on the screen now correctly resumes her animation.

User Interface:

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Solar System Map to open automatically.

  • Removed "enable/disable light background" option from chat tabs when stacked.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the "Lock" option to not persist on the Fitting window.

  • Fixed the slightly misaligned scanner window when docked.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Crtl+Tab to close fullscreen window in display.

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Source: Patch Notes - Version 19.06

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