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+-Welcome to FUN

Welcome to the website for Eve Online's Freelancer Union [FUN] Corporation.

Looking for a new Corp? Vigilante to Miner/Bounty Hunter to Hauler/Destroyer to Producer/Veteran to Novice, anything goes in FUN, with the single exception of piracy/scamming, which we simply don't do. You will never be required to join any operation, ever.

We value the freelancer ideals that the Freelancer Union corp was founded on, and our members are free to operate where and as they please, within the very basic constraints of the piracy rules and any standings that we have set.

Sound like the kind of group you would like to join? Contact Filz, Titus Wolf or Opieus for recruitment info, or join channel "FUN Recruiting" in-game to chat to whoever is on.

Getting Access

Guests only have restricted access to these forums. Due to the high amount of spammers trying to abuse these forums you are only able to post if you are registered and have been approved. If registering you will be asked for your eve-online api information. This is so we can see who you represent in game and assign you the most appropriate access level to our forums.

FUN rules and regs

As a freelancer alliance/corp, we really don't have many rules and regulations as such. You are free to do as you please within some very basic guidelines, and you will not be required to join any corp ops, although you may well find it beneficial to do so... The rules as they stand, are as follows:

  • No Scamming.
  • No high sec piracy... that means no gate camping, no belt to belt hunting of miners, no popping haulers just because you can, etc, etc.
  • Help if you can... if someone in the corp needs something that you produce, or that you have lying around, cut them some slack and don't go gouging them on price.
  • Help if you can... if someone is in trouble, and you are nearby, help them if you can. Nobody is forced to do any particular thing in FUN, but we like to think that people will help their corp mates if they can.
  • Use the forums... that doesn't mean you have to post on them (or even read them) every day, but means that as a member of FUN you should at least be taking an interest in what is going on. That's pretty much it. If people want to PvP, then we have our base in 0.0 and can kill as they please (subject to our standings).
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